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"Knowledge is of

no value unless

you put it into practice"



Audition Technique

Dates: Saturdays 9am-12am (ongoing) 

This class focuses on how to make auditioning about the actors process. Each student will work on at least 2 monologues, one contemporary and one Shakespeare verse, to help move the actor away from "result" or "performance" modalities, learning how to work on pieces using the 5-Question technique originally articulated by Earle Gister at the Yale School of Drama. Actors will get help finding good material and workshopping it with other actors, directed by Jennifer McCray Rincon. Ms. Rincon has auditioned countless actors for New York productions, repertory companies and national and international graduate schools. She also directed 18 years of showcases for New York and Los Angeles agents as the Head of Acting at the National Theatre Conservatory. Students of all ages and levels can take this class and it is invaluable for high school students applying to colleges, college graduates applying to graduate schools and professional actors auditioning for companies, productions and agencies. 

These classes may be taken individually, on a drop in basis but you must reserve a spot at least one week before. 5 classes also can be purchased at a reduced rate. 

To inquire and reserve your spot email 



TUITION:  Private instruction $100 per hour

Group Class: $75 for 3 hour class, per student

5 Group Classes: $250 per student

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