"Works of Art make rules,

Rules do not Make,

works of Art"


Online Scene Study

WHEN: Mondays - Wednesdays 6-9pm MT

Since our founding in 2010 Visionbox has offered ongoing scene study in 5 week sequences culminating in an open rehearsal performance for friends, family and general audiences. These classes emulate graduate curriculum beginning with the study of Realism and culminating in Style and more complex text. For our current offering for 2020-2021 go to the scene study tab under classes. Currently our scene study is on ZOOM but we will return to in person work when it becomes safe to do so.

View our current classes for 2020 - 2021



Online Audition Class


Saturdays: 10:00 AM MT - 1:00 PM MT

In these sessions actors work individually with Jennifer McCray Rincon, but in a group setting. The focus is on the selection and acting of audition material both classical and contemporary.


Any actors new to Visionbox should send their headshot and resume to info@visionbox.org Subject: Audition Class.

Fees for this class are $75 per class or $250 for five classes.


Online Private Coaching

WHEN: Continual

Visionbox will continue to offer private coaching with Jennifer McCray Rincon that includes classical and contemporary monologue selection, rehearsal, and performance for all types of auditions including college, conservatory, and graduate acting programs, auditions for agents, auditions for regional and repertory companies as well as for specific productions. These sessions can be taken remotely via Zoom or in person once shelter in place restrictions have been lifted.

Anyone interested please email us at info@visionbox.org Subject: Private Caoching.

Fees are $100 per hour


Online Directing Class


Saturdays: 2:00 PM MT -5:00 PM MT

Our director training emulates the Yale School of Drama Directing Program where directors learn the same technique taught to the actors. The textbook for this class is On Directing by Harold Clurman and directors study the spine of each play and articulate objectives and actions throughout scene study.

If interested in taking classes as a director please email Jennifer McCray Rincon.

Email: info@visionbox.org Subject: Audition Class.


TUITION:  (10 Classes, 40 Class Hours)   $400