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Since our founding, we have offered ongoing scene study classes in five to six week sequences culminating in a performance for family, friends, and general audiences. We have called these performances, "open-rehearsal performances". Audiences watch not only a particular play or
style of work , but also learn about acting technique and the creative process.

Due to COVID restrictions, current 2021 offerings are on ZOOM. Audience members who purchase a ticket will be emailed a log-in for the live performance.

Individual performance tickets: $15 Adults - $10 Students - or $50 subscription of all open rehearsals.


Chekhov, Ibsen, Strindberg


March 11th

 Chekhov is a writer who should be revisited over and over by anyone studying professional acting and technique. Ibsen and Strindberg were contemporaries of Chekhov's and offer actors challenging character, behavior, and content. After five weeks of scene study, one play will be selected and rehearsed for five weeks with a performance on March 11th.

Upcoming Dates

American Classical Realism:  April 15th

American & British Comedy:  May 20th

Archetypal Acting (Brecht & Greek):  June 24th

Shakespeare Intensive:  July 2nd