"He who desires nothing, hopes for nothing,

and is afraid of nothing,

cannot be an artist"


Directors Lab

Dates: Ongoing

Directors can enroll in any of our Scene Study class sequences. They participate as actors in one scene and will then be assigned at least one scene to direct. Our director training emulates the Yale School of Drama Directing Program where directors learn the same technique taught to the actors. The textbook for this class is On Directing by Harold Clurman and directors study the spine of each play and articulate objectives and actions throughout scene study.

If there are more than 2 or 3 directing students in a Scene Study sequence additional class will be held on Saturday afternoons focusing on table work  and rehearsals. 

If interested in taking classes as a director please email info@visionbox.org to request an interview with Jennifer McCray Rincon.

TUITION:  (10 Classes, 40 Class Hours)   $500